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I'm so sorry for your loss of Pearl. I'm glad her kids have her personality. People just don't get how much personalities chickens have. I love the green eggs. I've seen some pinks, blues, and beiges. Perfect Easter eggs. Thanks for sharing this with me. Better days. Elinore

Hi Elinore,
Pearl was an Easter Egger (a mutt with a colored egg gene background), she laid green eggs. She absolutely loved to hop on my back and cuddle with me. I know I shouldn't have favorites, but she was one of my favorites. Her bubbly, slightly pushy personality led to her downfall though... She hopped in the feeder as I was refilling it one night and I didn't see her. I found some of her feathers sticking up in the feed the next morning. I cried the whole day. The only thing that has helped has been caring for her sisters Lily and Anna, and hatching out four chicks that are possibly her offspring. I miss her like crazy, but her children (Gem, Ruby, Richard, and Matilda) have her personality and help her live on.

Beautiful chicken. What kind is she? Chickens are so comical. I can see how they would help with depression. Just having all these birds around keeps you focused and laughing. Thanks for sharing. Elinore

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