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  1. Jejegasa0:10
  2. andie9830:13
  3. rrr200:13
  4. Jackie480:14
  5. JennyG660:14
  6. mariolyn0:14
  7. Kittyyyyy0:17
  8. baderinwa0:17
  9. maryoz20140:17
  10. alta800:17


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That's very true, and we will see more heroes in the days, weeks, and months to come. Sorry Wendy, yes, there are so many devastating fires both here and in BC. I hope you're not being affected by them. Let's hope for a reprieve from disasters - too much suffering. Elinore

Thank you Wendy and Elinore, they were as you say, devastating.
We saw suffering but also saw heroes, and where are heroes there is always hope.


It's not only hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, look at all the fires we had here in B.C. and down in the U.S. There are so many bad things happening. And now the threat from N. Korea! It is getting very scary out there..............Wendy

I'm with you, my thoughts and prayers are there too. What in the world is happening? Four huge hurricanes and 2 bit earthquakes in the same part of the world. Thanks for sharing this. Elinore


I'm thinking good thoughts and sending prayers to the people in Mexico. That earthquake was just devastating.............Wendy

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