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The Iris were blooming in our yard a couple weeks ago. This is photo of one of them.
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  1. ljcowles6:29
  2. albion567:53
  3. Chuckeroo8:18
  4. olando9:22
  5. andoriel9:31
  6. freetime10:22
  7. bla10:31
  8. conrad10:34
  9. harmonyjunkie11:07
  10. WVHillbillytoo11:12


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YES! You remembered. :-)) Even though those colors are my favorite, this is still a beautiful photo.


dblay, isn't green and purple your favorite colors? Terry


Oh my!!! This is so beautiful and what a gorgeous close-up you got, Terry. The color is just stunning and the background of green is beautiful for the shot. Thank you, Sue, for the lovely Iris and you, Terry, for the amazing photo. Loved solving the puzzle, from the top down, piece by piece. FUN!!!!

Terry, this is beautiful! Thank you for the puzzle. Nancy


: )


Wow! That's an amazing Iris and a fantastic photo. The background is perfect and really highlights the Iris. Thanks for sharing, seagirl7 and husband.

I've never seen an Iris stacked like this. It's a beauty. Tell Sue to copy and paste me her green thumb. I really need it. connie

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