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Meet The Scallywag Squad Jr. - Ring, Tail & Tooters

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Well, we had a little woops here back in early December and Feb. 3rd little Miss Jet had 3 live kittens, yes, all 3 black as she is and all three little girls! They were 9 weeks old this past Wednesday.
Somehow they actually lines up right and Ring is closest to the camera, Tail is in the middle & Tooters is down by me feet. Ring & Tooters are almost impossible to tell apart and I can ... usually! Little Tail has a tiny white patch on her throat and her coat is sleeker than the other 2. AND Yes, they are into everything and fearless!
Needless to say they will add a little extra flair to the upcoming birthday party!
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  1. babray3:32
  2. webpeggy3:36
  3. Mookie4:08
  4. Impie4:11
  5. rodfinder5:40
  6. beyondwords5:58
  7. quiltfast6:34
  8. mamabunny6:36
  9. canalview8:19
  10. Superbaz8:58


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Nothing wrong with me, with me, with me! I know that but did it anyhow! AND yep, they'll add flair! ☺♥☺♥


OMG, Betty! "Flair" sounds like quite an understatement! :DDD
BTW, tags don't work in the description; only in the comment section, where they should show up in blue once posted.

Thank you Ms. Patsy! We're trying to live up to the SSjr name and think we're doing a good job! ☺♥☺♥

Hello Ring! Hello Tail! Hello Tooters! I love black cats and have had several, but I've never had any black kittens. I'm sure you'll be entertaining the humans and other cats in your home for some time. And I hope we get to see you individually and as the Scallywag Squad Jr periodically as you grow up.

I agree, Impie! I Can't believe they're this old.
Peggy, you're right and they are so much fun!


Oh my, you have legsful of cats! Tiny little sweetie cats!


No I don't, but it's going way too fast!;)♡

It does fly!!! Can you believe how big they've gotten?


Lovely little bunch, Betty. 9 weeks already, my, time flies doesn't it?

Thanks, Mookie! They are cute indeed!



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7 December 2020 - 16 February 2018
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