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Bar stools in Superstition Saloon

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Tortilla Flats, AZ (I think)
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  1. Robbos1:09
  2. wigma1:29
  3. NewSong1:33
  4. Mbrannan1:59
  5. bdhabet12:10
  6. Judywill2:17
  7. lornamdt2:28
  8. Plumpossum2:37
  9. lirwin2:45
  10. Klstapp3:12


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I could image they are not...

I'm no cowpoke but:
For one thing, I'm not seeing any stirrups on these saddles. I see the leg panels on some, but no stirrups which would help considerably to take your full body weight off of your bottom, plus make it easier to adjust to a more comfortable position.
For another, growing up on a horse riding western pleasure, the pure joy and freedom of riding was so great that discomfort was not noticed.


Yes, a horse is considerably softer than a barstool, but I imagine a bigger factor is that when you are on a horse, your body is constantly making adjustments to maintain your balance, and this exercise probably makes a saddle much more comfortable. Maybe some cowpokes can enlighten us some more on this subject?


I sat on one and shared a big plate of nachos with our relatives and that half hour or so was enough. Can't imagine sitting on one all day. Maybe the horse would make it softer?


I take it that thirsty cowpokes don't know how to sit on anything but a saddle...?

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