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Luna July 16 2018 #1A

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9 pieces
125 solves
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Thank you Kirsten. Yes, I expect so now as soon as I get that computer set up.

Thank you, John. I've been feeding those fishes even though I've not been here. They were getting rather rambunctious though, cooped up in a goldfish bowl. They were letting me know they wanted out and back to exploring the pictures. I would find water spills more often than not in the mornings from their slapping their tiny tails on the water surface. It was starting to be a real problem because I was finding piles of their tiny scales at the bottom of their bowl when I changed their water. And as much as I thought they were like beautiful orange glitter I knew I had to something for their sake!!!

Thank you 6toedcats. And Goldie thanks you too. We are all doing much better and so glad to be back.

Thank you irisriver. Your words are very kind and welcoming.



You have captured the spirit of summer perfectly. So very good to see you! Grins!☺


How lovely to see you again, and with such a gorgeous puzzle, including Goldie! Many thanks, and I hope you've been well.


Super Phloxie nice to have you back with us thanks for keeping the gold fish in good trim John ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


WONDERFUL!! It's so lovely to have you back in our Jigidi, Phloxie!! Welcome back. I hope you can stay. ❤


Thank you, latifas....


Hooray! You're back :D Wonderful to recognize an image as yours again!


Thank you Berkshire and Fowly.


It's so wonderful to have you visit Phloxie. You have been missed! Enjoyed your puzzle with many of your signature images ☺
Be well and enjoy your summer♥


What a lovely conglomeration.❤️

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