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Pink Azalea Bush (Mar17P46px)

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Azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron.

Azalea is a beautiful flower but it is also highly toxic—it contains andromedotoxins in its leaves and nectar.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

2nd of a set of 4 Azalea Flower Puzzle. Please enjoy.

Puzzle 46
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Guess I didn't take my smart pills this morning because I cannot locate the one with 30 pieces. I did daffodils with 16, 24, 35, and 63 pieces. The one with 63 pieces has my name on it. Sorry, guess you will have to lead me by the hand to find the one with 30 pieces.............Wendy


The fruit of the labour is well worth it - pretty and cheerful flowers.

Do try the 30 piece one that is meant only for you. When you received the Tag, just click on "comment" (ie not my username) to go direct to your own special puzzle. I think that you already know this.

Goodnight, my friend, as it is already past my bedtime. See you tomorrow.


Don't be sorry. I did the one that was 63 pieces, took me forever, but it was marked for me. It is just so pretty...........Wendy


Sorry, Wendy. It is me, again.

May I know are we referring to the 63 pieces Daffodils Puzzle at jasonchung1 (which is for everyone) or the 30 pieces Daffodils Puzzle (only for Unicorn3) at jasonchung3? Because, at jasonchung3, no one has solved that 30 piece puzzle yet (of course, you are the only solver who will have access to it).

So, to play it safe, I just tagged you again, as the first tag was the first time that I tried under that particular account.


Glad that notification has reached you, Wendy.

I am happy that you like it.


Hi Jason....yes, I did get it and I did solve it. Kind of took me a long time. It really is beautiful. Thank you so much...........Wendy


Hi Wendy, just wondering if you have received notification of a private Daffofil puzzle posted 3 days ago at this account of mine.

You were probably very busy the last few days.

No hurry or pressure of any kind. Just checking. Because it you have not been notified, I will tag you, again.


It is indeed, Wendy. All the flowers in full bloom at the same time. It is so eyecatching and breathtaking.


Oh Jason, that is magnificent...........Wendy

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