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Orange Puss Collage. Larger.

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This is a very special cat who belongs to our friends. He was found as a tiny kitten (I mean really tiny) wandering on a road with most of his tail missing, by their son who scooped him up and bought him home to his mother. He was so tiny he had to be fed with a baby bottle. No one knows what happened to him or his poor little tail which healed well. He was obviously dumped and supposed to die.

He is now a very large boy and very loved. He wasn't too keen on me taking his photo to begin but then he relaxed.
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  6. Lowmil4:48
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Pammi, I don't know why we don't like ginger cats as much but this fellow is a real sweetie. Your poor mother but she must have had a kind heart. Yes I think the horse was pushing it a bit TOO far! LOL.
Hugs to you ♥♥


Forgot to mention that one day my oldest brother arrived home with a horse in tow. That was a step too far for our poor mother and she told him in no uncertain terms that it absolutely had to go back where it came from......and it did! ♥


Janet, I confess I adore ginger cats. When I was a kid we had one we named Meggsy after the comic character, Ginger Meggs. I think he was one my oldest brother brought home. Out of the four of us, it was either him or me who would rock up home with a cat in our arms. My poor mother, she was not a cat lover at all and I think she used to despair of both her oldest and youngest children. ☺☺


No I'm not crazy about Ginger cats either but he is a sweetie. hugs ♥♥


I have never been crazy over ginger cats, I don't know why, but he is very cute! x x


Pammi, we could not believe the cruelty of whoever dumped him but he has a wonderful home and a wonderful family to love him now. Thanks and hugs. ♥


Ohhhh, Janet, I think I'm in love. He is so beautiful. How wonderful that he found such a loving home. It's always impossible to understand how any human being could be so cruel and hurtful to any animal much less a tiny harmless kitten. It makes me want to cry. ♥

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