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My town but still safe

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Very scary times. Pray for California
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  1. yarnover3:06
  2. judiths3:19
  3. Carol663:48
  4. Donnajames3:57
  5. zaggie4:35
  6. motherofsleep446:41


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Thank you judiths. We have cameras on the mountaintops and I saw a fire get extinguished near Cazadero late last night. I am amazed that they were able to get to it as it raced up the hill. It was yellow, then red and yellow then red and out.


Keep safe, keep well, our hearts go out to you.

I'll wish for it.

Thank you motherofsleep44. Pray we do not get any more lightening for the next three days.

I, too, am anguished. I used to look forward to summer, but now it's a season of fear and grief. I live in the north central valley where the skies are so smoky they look overcast because of the smoke and there's a fine all over everything. My hear goes out to yarnover.

niccolino59. Thank you.

Carol66 - that means so much. Thank you.
DizzyDame7 - It is time for a rain dance. I am not certain how much of a chance we had with over 11,000 lightening strikes. So hard on the animals and the fires move very fast. Firefighters are coming in from other States, Canada and Australia.
jojosmom417 There are people trying to rescue them but it is hard. The fire burned to the Ocean near Ana Nuevo where the elephant seals live. The worst time as it is molting season and their hides are very thin.


Must be so very scary. Stay safe, yarnover. Praying for California, for you, & for the animals.x


Dizzydame7, you are so right!! I saw just yesterday film of the fires and there, stumbling along alone, was a female deer with her belly and her poor face absolutely black and burned. This is horrible for the people who are trying to deal with the fires, but it's so much worse for the animals. What are they supposed to do? Where do they go?? Sherry

I think it's time for a major rain dance. These fires are so tragic for both people and animals of the forest. Sending you safe vibes !


Very hard to give comforting words.....but, I care! Have tears, I am frightened and not even there.

I am safe for the moment but more lightening is forecast starting at 5AM Sunday. So sad. It is pretty safe but still........


Oh Sally! My prayers for you a1000 times. So frightening......can you stay where you are or getting ready to leave? I will go check your Facebook......... :(((((

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