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Copy Cat

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Thanks for the stories--both of them! The photo isn't recent. Bitty still okay?


beyondwords, this photo was taken a while ago. My mother-in-law's partner was an architect, hence the giant copier. I think Bitty, the cat, liked it because, as bluebird44 said, it was warm. It does look like snow out the window. . . Side story: one winter my husband and I went out west. We left Bitty with my mother-in-law, but when we got home, she wouldn't give Bitty back!!

Bitty seems quite content! And that copier/printer looks like a very interesting machine. Home-based office?


Thanks for your comments, bluebird44 and Kozykatzz! It does look like Bitty has chosen a nice warm spot. And I love the thought of kitties making a game of chasing paper as it flies out of the printer.


Beautiful companion.
I've got a couple of those "Copy Cats" at my house. Cody loves the noises that comes from the printer when I'm cleaning the heads and the others just set by and try to catch the papers as they come flying out into the tray.


A perfect spot for a cat! Nice warm copier becide a warm sunny window! Fun puzzle too. Thanks, Goodnuff.

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