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  1. WunderBar126:14
  2. AceMcCloud26:27
  3. juhaszandor28:42
  4. gabzys30:04
  5. Clericust32:09
  6. ben83ce33:05
  7. nightswallow2233:56
  8. Xcese35:48
  9. forseeker37:27
  10. nickkharkov37:40


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Hello barcelona,

Eldritch is an English word with uncertain origins, it usually means something supernatural with possible ancient roots. e.g. Lovecraftian stuff can be Eldritch

This puzzle is based on art from a PC game named Eldritch

I'm working on some family ancestry and I was intrigued when I saw this puzzle with the name Eldritch. I have never seen that name before but my mother's side of the family are Eldridges. It's a long shot but I just want to know if you know anything about the country of origin of Eldritch or where you found this "scary" puzzle. Thank you -- it might give me a lead to follow.
Martha (barcelona441)

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