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A walk with friends.

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Beekay and her husband drove from NH to spend the day with us. We had a marvelous picnic lunch and then took a hike along the Shore Trail with a few added spurs (and one "OOPSIE, where the heck are we???!")

There was much to catch up on after a long time without seeing each other, so there was just a wee bit of talking, laughter and carrying on. Best of all...the hugs.
For those of you who have followed Beekay on jigidi--all is well! :))

Brighton State Park, Northeast Kingdom, Vermont.
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Jason! I missed leaving you a comment, my heartfelt apologies for that oversight!!!!!
Thank you for stopping by-I do hope that all is well in your world. :)


The bugs and humidity were a wee bit of a problem on the hike, Jill.....but we all managed to survive!

Beekay and I are in constant touch, Janet. She has some other interests which she is exploring at the moment. Hugs to you. ♥

Marina, We have been quite lucky to have met a good number of folks from jigidi in person. I hope that you will meet up with some of your jigidi friends someday. They are all as super as they are on the puzzles. :))))


I 'm glad you've had a lovely time with friends. The photo you took is great too.


That sounds like a wonderful day Suzy, I can inust imagine the chatting. Thanks for the news of BK. Yes I have been worried about her. Hugs my friend. ♥


Good to hear that all of you are having a good time, Suzy.


A really beautiful area and a grand spot for a walk with friends. Thrilled you had a wonderful time plus hugs included :)


A visit much needed, Sandi! :))

It's nice that our sweeties get along so well together, Shirley. They don't bother us at all! LOL

They both look good-although all of us are a bit out of shape from a long winter, Jacki. Tee hee.

Yes, it IS, Ardy! You know how wonderful it is to be with jigidi friends. We were thinking of you! I shall pass along your greetings to Jim. Thank you! Just got back from a "day out"-Saratoga and then lunch at a favorite restaurant. Now it's time to think about dinner! LOL Hugs!

What fun you will have catching up with friends over the next 2 weeks, Lorna--totally understand about scrapping plans due to weather--but you will enjoy each other's company no matter what! Have a great time! I let Beekay know that folks had been asking about her, by the way. :)

All three of those things, Faye....and you well know how special those times are! ♥♥♥

Jim introduced them to Coney Island Hot Dogs, Barb. And we had a salad which went well with Beekay's fruit assortment and sourdough chocolate cake (which Jim and I had for breakfast one morning!)

Always a treat, Francine. Someday you may see us on your side of the border. :))))) ♥


How wonderful to be on the road again and meeting up with friends. :)


What a beautiful place to have a walk and fun with friends. Thank you for sharing it with us, Suzy 🙂


A beautiful picture, a beautiful friendship, and an absolutely wonderful day! ❤️🙂❤️


'Walk' and 'friends'; what a wonderful combination! So glad to hear all is ok with Beekay - I've missed seeing her. ☺
I'm catching up with friends this week and next, though this week the walk part of the itinerary has to be scrapped because it is far too hot!


Is that your beach I see across the lake? I can just imagine what a good time you all had. Thanks for sharing it, Suzy. Wish I could have been sharing it in person. ☺
Hugs ♥♥♥

Happy birthday to Jim. A birthday hug for him. ♥


Thanks, Suzy for a glorious and enticing photo. I can so easily imagine all the chatting and laughter and am absolutely delighted to hear that all is well wth Beekay!


Wow, what a wonderful place to meet up with Beekay and her hubby, have missed her lovely puzzles, delighted to know she is well, I can just imagine all the chatting and laughter that went on :)) Thanks, Suzy.


Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Nothing better than visiting with friends.

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