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Nash, just chillin'.
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Thank you, Donna! He is a happy little guy and he smiles a lot! The picture in my avatar was taken at day care on Silly Hat Day! :))
Hubby and I are doing good, thank you! He is so much better and back to his old self again! Poor man had a real battle for a year but is almost completely well again! God is good!!


Hi, Dottie. Oh my, what a cute little guy he is. That smile makes me think he is such a happy child. I LOVE your Avatar also. He is growing so fast and I know you love him so much. He is certainly a cute little fellow and I hope you get to see him often. Just thought I'd drop by and say hello again and I find that you have posted some more pictures so I found this one first and now I will check out the other ones. I hope you and your husband are doing well and life is treating you fairly. :-)) Hugs, my friend.


Oops...sorry I missed you, Pam! Thank you for your sweet comment.

Thank you Joe! :)


Too cute Dottie!! :))


Thank you, Haney! It was 'Silly Hat Day' at Day Care. Hope you and Paula had a good time at the tournament!


Dottie, I love the pic of Nash wearing his hat. Haney:-) PS back from the golf tournament. Haney :-)


Thank you, Dottie. :-)
Wishing you well, and may you be enjoying many wonderful times with Nash! :-))


Thank you, Pam. I think he is, too! :)
I am hoping Auburn has a good season. And I hope the Gators do well, too! Our first game is
Sept. 1. Fingers crossed!
I hope all goes well with your computer and we will see you on Jigidi more often!


Too cute! He is SO adorable, and also handsome, Dottie. :-))
Thank you for the tag and for sharing this photo!

Looks like Auburn is all set to have a good football season - hope you and your's enjoy that! :-)
(Things not quite as promising for the Gators, here at pre-season. We'll see...)

I'm in process of getting my computer repaired, so hope to be back at Jigidi on a more regular basis soon.


PutterDutt, I have no idea!
Sweet Jan, you are correct. Ha! Thanks!
Clint, he will probably find plenty of mischief to get into as he grows up. :)
Andie2a1383, thanks. You are right about that!! :)
Robin, thank you. I agree with you! :)


every time I come back to this page I get a great smile on my face......he is contagious....such a cutie......thanks dixie


Thanks for the tag Dottie.
What a cute little boy ,I bet everyone is mad about him and this is just the beginning..♥☺♥☺♥


Good night sweetly you are most adorable, give your Grandma a lot of problems for the future. Thee Hee, Sorry Dottie You will be surprised as I have been, as my Grandson has always lived with us since a one year old. LOL!!! Now 20 years old And a most lovely Man.


King of all he surveys....whether he know it or not! LOL. Big hugs to the cutie! (*ᴗ*)


Why does he remind me of Norm from "Cheers"?


Thanks, Ken. You're right of course!! :D
Robin I totally agree!! :)


I agree ken.......he probably don't they all


That's a fine looking young man. Looks like he's got a bit of growing to do before he rules from that chair. Then again, he probably already rules.


Thank you Irisriver for the cute smile! I might steal that one! (✬‿✬)

You're welcome teamac. Thanks for your sweet comments!!

You are so welcome, Donna! I will be tickling his pigs this Sunday. I can't wait!


Oh my Gosh....he is growing like a weed...just adorable as can be Dixie....Thanks for sharing ☺♥♥




You are most welcome, Bev! Thank you!

Cutie, patotie Love this picture thank you Dixie.


Thank you for all the great comments Jigidi Friends!! Bobbie, Evelyn, Ellen, Jeri, Clive and dudicat!
Clive, that's a good idea!! Haha!



oh, Dottie what a handsome fellow he is turning out to be. he is going to spoil a lot of girls when he is a teen. Sorry girls you have to meet my Grand Mumma before you can go out with me. LOL!!!
I got my Grand Mumma to say she liked Kays then the whole family just gave up. Thee Hee.


Thanks for sharing this cutie with the big smile. He's adorable.


What a little doll! Thanks for the tag!


Dottie, he is so cute, what a great smile, and all that hair! Enjoy him this weekend.☺☺


Thank you, Robin. He is the happiest little guy and smiles a lot. I wish he lived close enough that I could pick him up and cuddle him whenever I wanted to! They are coming to town this weekend so I will get to do that! I can't wait!!


well that grin brought a "reply" grin from me.......he is so cute...and getting so big....wish I could pick him up and give him a cuddle,,,,thanks dixie......mine are almost teens more cuddling for me for a few


So true, Ardy! Thanks.
Judy, I know!! We stay young and they grow older...!! Hmmmm...not sure how that works!!


Oh my goodness, Dottie, can't be! lol
How is they keep getting older, but we don't? lol


So cute. He looks like a boy now. ☺ Thanks Dottie.


Judy, can you believe he will be 8 months old the 25th? I can't! Time has flown by. Before I know it he will be starting to school!! :(


Oh my, he's past that newborn stage. They grow so fast! He's adorable, Dottie, thanks for sharing!


Thank you Dilubreuer, Wendy, Jackie and Jason! I agree...He has my heart!


Precious and adorable.

he's so cute thanks for sharing.


Just about as cute as you can get. What a sweetie............Wendy


Thanks for the tag!


Thank you Cyndi!


What a handsome little dude with a million dollar smile! Thanks for the tag.


Thank you, Joe! I think so, too! :)


Awww...thank you, Cuz! Love you!


He's getting so big!! What a cutie! :))


What a doll! Your whole family is beautiful.


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Nash is growing up too fast!!

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