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Meet the 2 New West Texas Kiddos

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These are 2 from the older outside litter that I brought in before our ice storm (all 4 of them). Mama G is going to take the other 2 girls. These 2 characters are staying here.
Meet TJ, the new little girl on the left, and she is a tiny little girl.
Jamie is the only boy out of the little and he is on the right. They have all been in since 24 October, and these 2 have really made themselves at home and are doing their share of mischief making. :))
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Thank you Reese's, Little Bit & Mrs Quinn! We can't wait to meet you all.


nice to meet your two new additions to your cat family TJ & Jamie - Little Bit & Reese's & Mrs. Quinn, think you are adorable.


Hello TJ and Jamie! You are beautiful and handsome! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures with the other West Texas Kiddos. Welcome to Jigidi!

Wonderful markings and expressive eyes! Lucky kitties! ♥

Believe m, I understand! It reminds me of my sweet Topaz. When Mitu & JC were babies he raised them They were so skittish and little that I put ferret harnesses on them when they were out and around with the leash attached and about 6 extra feet of kitchen string tied on the stretchy leash. Well, Topaz started chewing the string off, and I'd tie it back on. He'd look at me and sigh and chew it off again! It finally dawned on me that as he trusted one of them more, he would shorten the string. One day he chewed JC's off at the leash. I looked at him and asked it it was time to loose the harness and he slow blinked and I took it off. It wtook a while longer for Mitu to loose her string! :))


Petey wouldn’t allow the mini blinds. Every day more strings were chewed through and more slats hanging. He won; we now have vertical blinds.

Webpeggy you have that exactly right! I got out of the shower the other day to find water along the edge of the tub, compliments of little holes in the liner. The mini blinds I put up when I bought this house were not the best quality and Susie, within a week started the problems, but all of these are tree dwellers and do not like closed blinds. So the minis are taking a beating. Jamie is good, I have a picture of him being careful that I will post.
@beyondwords, the other 2 must have heard you because I did get pictures! Tomorrow! :)))

I had wondered how things might be in your household when new cats are added. I can remember only one cat among all ours that was unwelcome--our shyest cat Ebony. It took a couple of months till the chasing and banshee screams stopped, and then the senior cat who was so unwelcoming bonded closely with the newcomer till her last day.


Oh such sweet little faces! My boys got into so much at this age, then would snuggle up like this looking like perfect angels.

Thank you Auntie Impie! We hope to be here often too!
Impie, sorry I missed your comment! Yep, that is Tres sitting on the floor. He has taken on the roll of "Chaser-in-Chief" and is frankly being a pain in the ***! He has cornered poor little Jet under the living room loveseat ... TWICE!
Has chased almost all the others, cornered Colleen & Jet under the bed and generally been a little bully! Sloooowwwwly he is getting better. Even Gracie has banshee yelled at poor Jet and chased her!

I'll give it a shot! They are not easy to get pictures of. They are both sweet and I can and do handle them but they are not near as open and approachable as Jamie & TJ. Jamie & TJ are generally pretty close around each other.

So you still have Colleen and Jet for a little while longer, before they go to Mama G. I'm glad Mama G can take them. Of course, feel free to post a puzzle or two with those girls before they leave you.

Beyondwords, his head is more triangular and he is a lighter color. TJ is darker than Jamie, BUT, you are right! There are times I'll look up and think it is TJ only to realize it is Jamie. AND one of the other sisters, Colleen, is ALMOST a twin for TJ. She is easy to tell by behavior as she is usually heading that way along with her black sister, Jet! :))

Glad to meet TJ and Jamie. Apparently you can tell them apart by size and activity. But how do you tell them apart when they are resting like this? Both have intriguing faces, especially their eyes.

Thank you Nillie! They are sweet little characters.


Well done Betty♥♥


Hi sweeties. You too welcome to Jigidi, Jamie. I already welcomed your sister and I'm happy to welcome you too! We hope to see you often on Jigidi and I'm wishing you also a long and happy life in your new forever home!♥♥

Betty, is that Tres sitting at the bottom? :)

Anne, you nailed it real well. He is a big love and she has that touch of scallywag. ☺☺☺


Aw, TJ looks like trouble is her middle name....but Jamie looks to be a sweetie. I'm probably totally wrong on that.

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