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@InConcert35 - You're welcome, Robyn. Glad you've been introduced to a new artist. I love his ultrarealist paintings, as I'm a realist/naturalist in my artwork as well. Horacio Cardozo does seem to have great talent in representing the scene as if it were a photograph. :0} Birgit


Hi Birgit. Hope all is well with you today. This is beautiful. It reminded me of the Life of Pi. The colours are amazing, so bold. What's even more amazing is that someone can paint it so well, especially the inside of the boat and the oar, etc. It's so realistic. Thanks so much for the puzzle and the opportunity to see the work on this artist. :D


I've done my share of rowing over the years in a row boat and a canoe. Never been in a kayak...
One summer when I was now on my own with my two sons...they would have been 12 and 15...we were at Keji Provincial Park and had rented a canoe. My older son, Tyler, who lives in Calgary sat at the front of the canoe, my younger son, Cory, in the middle, and I was in the back. Tyler and I had the paddles. We got out to the middle of the lake when a heavy wind picked up and thrashed the canoe about. Just as I'm about to direct Tyler to head closer to shore, he calls back that we should head for the river opening from where we came. We paddled our hearts out and were so glad to get to the river mouth. None of us said anything until later when we all admitted that we'd been scared as heck. What an experience that was!


If you row, I'll just relax. Thanks.


@Merlene - Thanks for commenting. Glad that you enjoyed the puzzle. :0} Birgit


Calm, serene, beautifully painted - ticks all the boxes! Thank you


Well, Edmonton/Sherwood Park is beginning to open regular stores, as well as Elk Island Provincial Park, where you can rent row boats and kayaks...the water is so calm in this that it would be so peaceful.


Love it!. I want to go for a row right now.

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