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My friends' horses

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Taken May 3, 2022
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  1. Teagardener0:29
  2. Ianto0:32
  3. Iggys0:33
  4. alansnell0:35
  5. Grump0:36
  6. glenestele0:37
  7. debdaz0:38
  8. Junko0:40
  9. sauvegirl0:43
  10. hilda450:44


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I feel for you, Mila. When we're uncomfortable, it's really hard to sleep or even rest. In turn, lack of sleep aggravates the conditions that make it uncomfortable to sleep.


I would need so many surgeries I wouldn't know where to start, plus I am too chicken.
Now the latest is that I can't sleep on my side because my nose gets clogged and is hard to breathe. Imagine sleeping on my back with every joint out of alignment. I do wake up several times but fortunately go back to sleep.


That IS important, Mila. I went for years struggling with sleep, partly due to the pain in my shoulder. I'm so glad that issue has already been taken care of now.


I do love naps, I wish I didn't have problems staying asleep. So I have to follow the steps to get my 8 hours.


You're welcome, Sylvia. I guess I can sleep both times!!


I cannot nap either, I prefer to sleep during the nights but I wish I could! That's nice photo, Li! Thank you!


Nice that a hot shower restored you, Mila. I'm sleeping better than ever at night now, but I still take some naps.


A hot shower did the trick. Best not to nap, it takes away from my night sleep.


:-), Mila. Rest well!




You're welcome, DexterandRudymomma.


Very nice.Thanks

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