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Morning View from the Balcony

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of our room in the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World.

Several compatible herbivores live on the "savannahs" at the lodge. I think that's a roan antelope in the distant upper right. Other frequent sightings were of zebras, ankole cattle, wildebeest, and waterbucks.

Kissimmee, Florida.
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  1. cheerlyder286:33
  2. Bemusement11:36
  3. vbrewer6412:18
  4. BenL12:30
  5. connolly_melissa12:32
  6. gam50013:13
  7. Sharai13:36
  8. sravens113:38
  9. Jess2414:23
  10. ostar16:03


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Glad you "just came back." We were there in mid-June, and it was a bit too hot for as much walking as I'd planned. Watching the animals, though, was a nice restful activity!

Have they restarted the Wanyama Safari yet? That had been one of my top picks, but wasn't available (nor were the Aquatour, Behind the Seeds tour...)

I'll look for your sister's puzzle.


Hey bemusement, the sisters and I just came back from a DW trip in which we also stayed at jambo house. My sister, betterlatethannever, made a puzzle out of a really great shot she got of a giraffe drinking at the pond. We kept delaying going to epcot because the animals were so interesting! I'd forgotten you had recently gone until I stopped by to look to see if you had any new puzzles. :)

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