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Cosmos or Cosmea close up with a visitor

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This beautiful harmless pollinator appearently is a Comma Hoverfly.....☺ (got the info from Liertje☺)


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That's all OK, Patsy, the main thing is that you enjoy the puzzles! :)

Thank you, Nancy.....yes, I keep saying it....I love (taking) macro photos ;-))


Even more amazing detail on the hoverfly once I did the puzzle! Terrific photo!

You're correct, Impie. I follow you and schutkleur and liertje1978, and others--including 4 more in this chat. I bookmark lots, and do as many puzzles as I can squeeze into my day--including hoverfly puzzles. I really appreciate everybody's close-ups of insects, flowers, birds, cats, etc. But I can't keep up with all of you! So sometimes I just look and may not do. -Patsy


Thank you so much, nillie :-))
Have a good night ♥♥


A perfect combination:-))
Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Thank you for your lovely comment, Patsy.
We have lots of different hoverflies coming in and out our garden, both my sons know the names of so many by heart, but I won't even begin to remember all those names and will say:"ah yes, if you say so" ....LOL
I believe you also visit 'schutkleur's page' ???....she'll often post hoverflies as well, just like my son (liertje 1978). ☺☺

Hoverflies are fairly common here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (unlike butterflies, at least in my part of town). It's fun to watch them hover and dart. I appreciate their contribution to pollination and insect control. But I'm not able to see them as closely as in this photo. Thank you, Impie, for this close-up view of a very attractive hoverfly (and yet another cosmos blossom!).


Why thank you, GG. With the sun on him and the flower it took only one shot and I was lucky it let me come this close! ☺☺


Wow! Such clear, vibrant colors, Impie! Well done! ☺☺


Thank you, Ginni, there are so many different species of Hoverflies, from small to large in our garden. The smallest will hang in the air just in front of your face and then woops, off they go. We joke and call them "Alien" Hoverflies who are checking us humans out! :)

Yes, Betty and they are, they don't sting, they pollinate and will eat smaller insects, like musquitoes, but don't sting or bite like a wasp or a bee! :)

I bet you've done that, Nancy, like we used to before we took the interest in doing macro photos and learned a bit more about them! I still don't like wasps flying near my head, but I know a bit more about particular...don't make them angry by waving them away. Our 'fruit restaurant' is also a good solution to keep them away from you whilst they're busy getting their sugar rush.:-)

Oh yes, Ella and lucky for him there are still plenty of flowers and buds! :)


Stopping to enjoy a little treat during his travels or gathering pollen to take to the next flower.


Interesting! Makes me wonder if I've been seeing hover flies in the lavender (and elsewhere) when I thought they were wasps. Hmmmm ;-)

Glad you said it was harmless. Around this place those are generally NOT harmless! ☺☺☺


Great closeup, Impie! I know we have hoverflies over here, but I never see them, and I've been looking for insects this past year. I guess they like meadows more than the wet river and lake areas I usually hike.


Thanks, Anne, yes, hoverflies don't sting, they just imitate looking like a wasp at first glance! ☺


And a lovely, if harmless, visitor he/she is! Quite the fancy suit!