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She is twelve years old now and has improved somewhat, but, yes, we believe that she was traumatized somewhere along the line.


Perhaps Princess experienced bullying as a kitten and has learned to be a bully by her traumatic experience. I think she wants to be a good kitty but obviously, she needs therapy. Good luck! :o))


Thank you, Artola. Princess is a bit of a bully. My daughter was babysitting a little Pomeranian and Princess beat him up and bullied him unmercifully. She can be very cute, though. When she was still a kitten, I went to spend the night at my daughter's and Princess took my bag and dragged it into the bedroom.


Raven's just fine - she has you. :o))


Princess is a pretty little cat. No, they have never met. Princess would probably not get along with my poor timid Raven. :o((


Thank you, beyondwords. My daughter will be happy to hear that you enjoyed her Princess puzzles!


Princess is beautiful! She reminds me of my cat, Lucy, I had as a child. Has Raven met Princess? :o))

Princess looks very regal in this photo, very sweet in other photos when napping.


Princess is my daughter's spoiled darling and she adores my daughter. However, she beats up my granddaughter!


The very first family cat I remember when I was a little girl was a calico, and I have always loved them. Thanks for this picture of pretty Princess.

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1 December 2019 - 4 May 2015
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