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Happy Birthday, Juneee-Is-Shining!.....

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Hope you're still enjoying your special, shiny, day!......
Best wishes from all the Bugosis........
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thank you teamac


Happy Birthday Junee!!


Junee, PARTEEE was new, properly broken-in dancing shoes are now properly worn out.....Even though you had to take yourself early to bed, you will still be proclaimed "Hostess With the Mostess"...(eat your heart out Mearl Pesta)......


Absolutely spiffing party, Juneee!........When I looked in the mirror this morning, I thought I'd discovered a confounded spot on my chin......turned out it was a fly on the mirror...........


I hope you enjoy your birthday June. How was the party in Bonga-Bonga? I missed the party I was in warp speed inside the Tsar Kret yesterday. Greetings to Psquirt from Sulo!


so glad you all enjoyed the party, sore heads all round today? In my neck of the woods they call Taddy Gravelrash but it's fun at the time


Ah yes, I see!!..........
I think it would be a tractor of some sort.......Celebrating the workers of our land - because Bonga-Bonga isn't just about tadpoles you know.......or maybe don't know.......or possibly don't even want to know......


It's the cool cat's way of wishing her "Nighty-night!" of course!

BTW, is that a hot rod, a tractor, a bulldozer or a locomotive in the bottom left corner, oh wise maestro who constructed said dazzling, spectacular, joyously colorful puzzle?


Anyone know what 'Niterz' may or may not mean?.........I am puzzled, in a puzzling sort of way.....or street.......


Oh Niterz Birthday Gal! The gala continues, our guest has been excused, the revelers continue to revel and reveal and regale some, well a lot, and then some more. Beautiful Card LelaBug. It brought tears to my eyes and UncleB just shone some too, as well. And the poetics -I am weeping - so touching. And Granny those shoes look worn in now. What a happy day for all.


Oh, good....I just got my new dancing shoes properly broken in.............


PARTEEE ON!.................


But, shall we keep partying on?............


thanks all, time for bed now I am off tired but happy


Or, the zookeeper version:

Hippo birdie two ewe,
Hippo birdie two ewe,
Hippo birdie deer Juneeee,
Hippo birdie two ewe.


Happy Birthday, finally-shining Juneeee!!! :-)))


Fun card/puzzle Lela!!! Thanks!! :))) ........ (time, 1:26)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Juneee!!! Glad your day turned out better than you thought! :)))))
Love & Hugs ~ Joyce


Happy birthday Juneshone , all best wishes for this special day !!!


Hurray everybody is flocking to the parteee, there's even a piano, KBoy looks dashing in pink tights. the Taddy is flowing and Pee Squirt is singing his one and only song again, and probably again, again. there's cake of all descriptions kind of like nectar and ambrosia. I am having such a good time thank you all.


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y J U N E E E ! ! ! !

Happy birthday to yooooouuuuuu,
You grew up in a shooooooooooe,
You look like Hippolytuuuuuus,
And you smell like him tooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

If everybody in Bugosiland were like Juneee . . . . . . well, it'd be a different place.


No problem, troublesome froglet........duckweed always welcome!................


Birthday greetings from one free spirit to another......
xxx Roger.


Yes, FINALLY!........


Happy birthday June . . . :D)

I hope you don't mind me sharing your card Lela . . . I shall repay you with some top class duckweed . . . :D)


Oh,'s YOUR DAY.....Kick up your heels and howl at the a manner speaking....

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