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Lake Superior sure looked like the ocean to Charlie !
He enjoyed . . . everything🙂
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Hello Chris!
How are you?
Yes, Charlie was content to just watch the waves, then he was ready to get back in his wagon🤭 Thank you for working the puzzle . .


He's saying "I was going to take a swim, but I think I'll leave it..."



Krásný ;o)))


I’m laughing, yeap . . this is my traveling buddy! He’s been everywhere, from Atlanta to St. Paul🐾. I’ll try to find a photo of his sweet face. Thank you Linda for your nice comment!


Hi Tea.. What an adorable dog. So I finally get to meet Charlie who goes traveling with you everywhere. Thank you for introducing him to Jigidi and me!!!


I’m laughing! Thanks Suzy, wait till I tell Charlie what you wrote, he’ll giggle I bet :) I’m glad you liked his introduction to Jigidi and thanks for working the puzzle!


Welcome to the BIG LAKE, Charlie! Your senses must have been on high alert with the smells, feel of the sand on your paws, the sound of the waves and seeing all of that water! Did you remember to thank mom for taking you? :)))
(He's fabulous looking!)


That’s funny :) Well, no worries, Charlie has little feet that look like a rabbit’s, so he had no interest in touching the water🐾 Thanks for working the puzzle!

Don't get wet Charlie!!!


Tea thank you for your kind comment ☺♥☺


I’m glad you like my short buddy🐾 Yes, he was in awe of the waves, sounds smells . . he loved it! Val, a few minutes ago I read one of your comments from this past February. A woman’s beautiful dog had passed away and you wrote the kindest words. I’m sure she very much so appreciated it! You’ve got a good heart Val .


Tea your Charlie is beautiful, he seems to be over awed by the lake great photo thank you ☺♥


Thank you Lady Jillian😃
Yes, he stood still for a while, quiet fascinated!


Charlie is beautiful and looks mesmerised by the water. Thanks Tea



Thanks Ianto :)

Sounds like he had a blast.
It is that large.

I love your puzzles.


Hello Ianto! I’m glad you worked the puzzle:)
Lake Superior is unbelievably BIG and it has white capped waves like an ocean, so even to people standing on the shoreline, it sure doesn’t look like an average lake! Yes Charlie had fun that day, but of course he got to ride in his blue wagon on the beach :)

Hi Charlie, it is very big. I hope that you had a lot of fun,


Charlie said to tell you thank you🐾


What a gorgeous little dog. You should frame this one as it speaks volumes in silence. You just know what Charlie is thinking and the water just inside the frame of the picture is the catalyst (no cats involved).




Yes, Charlie and I had a grand adventure that day :)
Thanks and have a great weekend!


Nope, racoonstar beat me good and proper Tea! ☺


And I am thinking it was a lovely adventure for both.
Take care, Tea.


Hello Lorna! I appreciate the nice comment :) I started to post a puzzle of Charlie’s face, but with the lack of teeth, well . . it wasn’t his best profile🐾 Of course I’ll post more puzzles of Charlie another day:) Thank you for working the puzzle, you almost beat Racoonstar!


Hello Charlie! He has a magnificent coat - gorgeous colour too. Lovely photo Tea, thank you. Now how about a photo of his front view...?☺


Thank you Jacki :) Charlie is a Papillon, my senior dog. This breed has very long fur on the back legs and tail that can drag the ground 2” and short hair other places. He’s a great traveler, in a month or two he’ll go with us to South Dakota :) Thank you for working the puzzle!


WOW! What a fabulous coat Charlie has! Thanks for sharing this one Tea!

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19 April 2020 - 28 June 2014
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