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Daisy, daisy....

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Some BLUE Daisies for Barb - SunnyBarb25 - at Roma St Parklands, Brisbane City, last Sunday.
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  1. stephen0:12
  2. mlp10:12
  3. meanna0:13
  4. PLG19580:14
  5. amshene0:14
  6. Gladstone0:14
  7. wigma0:15
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  10. davehenry10:15


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Thanks Jim, Shirley & Floyd - Your comments are really appreciated:))


Nice to see.
Thanks for posting them Rob.


OH these are gorgeous, they just jump out at you, love their colour, Thanks, Rob.


Those are great rob, I've never seen blue daisy's before. Beautiful.


Thanks Ruby - they are pretty:)))

Thanks Patti!!


Oooooh, so pretty!!!


The blue is electric. :-))


LOL! Thanks Nev:))) Actually Cathy (cevas) posted the same title on her daisies today, and someone quoted that song:))) I'm not going to sing it or think about it - because I don't want it going around & around in my head:))))


My pleasure Barb - and I'll watch out for the result:)))) Thanks!!

I think so Beekay:))) Yes - they were just beautiful in reality:))) Thanks!!

Thanks Lunie - pleased you liked them too!!

I hope you find some in the US Barb - maybe even grow some:))) That would be a real treat:)))

They sure were Jan - the Roma St Parklands are sure worth a visit:))))Thanks!!

LOL!! Great minds think alike...fools never...... Thanks Cathy - LOL!!!


Gorgeous picture!! I love them.
We are definitely in sync today! : )))


What a glorious colour! Stunning, Rob!


You are right, Beekay :) Such a beautiful two-tone BB! I wonder if they are being grown here??? But I've never seen this color in to google!


wow! a real beauty! tfs rob! just love this shot!


LOL I think Barb has a new favorite flower ;-)) They really are a lovely BB Robyn. Thanks for the photo and the smile :-)))


You are so sweet, Rob!!! Thank you :)))
I will spin them and post the results tomorrow.... :)))


LOL!!! I thought you might like these Barb:))) I took the photo especially for you:)))) You can kaleido them if you like:)) Thanks!!!


Oh my! These are incredibly beautiful Rob, and thank you for thinking of me!!! I didn't even know that they come in such heavenly color! Wow!


Thanks Janet - there were lots of pinks and purple/mauve ones too!!

They sure are Lyndee - and I really like the shading of these ones! Thanks!!


Blue Daisies are pretty.


WOW! They are fabulous thanks Rob. I'm sure Barb will love them. I have white and purple ones but no blue! Hugs, janet

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