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Mango & Papaya in Boxes 2020-03

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Both cats, but especially Mango, like to nibble on boxes. I add all the little pieces of cardboard to my compost.
I'm making this puzzle in two sizes. Let me know if you'd like a different one.
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What is it about cats and boxes. They just love them.

Ginger's favourite hangout is a high-walled catbed, but she occasionally tries a box. The other three like a laundry basket, preferably with soft laundry--clean or dirty, but we have only one so they have to take turns. At the moment we have enough Amazon boxes for everybody. The boxes contain shipping paper to play with. Sometimes I do feel like shipping one or more of our cats.

Formersusan, what's the largest size puzzle that will work well on your iPad? And have you made puzzles of your orange cat?

Yes, Papaya is close to 20 pounds. Mango is slightly lighter. Only one of our four cats is not overweight or obese. The humans in our household need to deal with our need to feed, but we haven't made much progress. Papaya and Mango have us well trained.


Ready to ship.

Kitties favorite hangout.


Bigger size is too big to work on an eye pad. These cats almost too big too! I have a 20 pound orange cat also.....

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30 October 2020 - 20 January 2017
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