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Dublin . .

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A door knocker in Dublin, Ireland. Anyone know the history of the design details? I noticed several with the same or similar face ..
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  1. Hasli0:56
  2. jls261:04
  3. auntmom71:08
  4. Ianto1:14
  5. Robbos1:15
  6. steph091:15
  7. downonthefarm1:18
  8. mapletree1:22
  9. Zoet1:23
  10. rahas1:24


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@Teagardener Glad you saw it. The creation of a classic face and the reproduction of it must have been a minor-major worldwide industry in the 19th century! SSSW


G’morning Jerry! Hot Dog, I see the fourth puzzle, it’s fascinating, thank you:) It might take me a while to finish it, I better get another cup of coffee ..
I regret that your puzzle “private sent” never arrived, yeah I’m still having technical issues, but hoping these small problems will be taken care of soon. Have a good Monday!


@Teagardener As my fourth puzzle today I just posted a (really) small-count puzzle of a cast iron capital from a restored facade in Portland.


@Teagardener I believe I sent you a "private send" puzzle of a capital in Portland that should have arrived in your comments notification yesterday. Hmmmm.

It has a compound assemblage of three generic faces. The hair and headdress is different but there is a blank-stare face, a bit less refined than that of the knocker, but then unlike the knocker these faces are seen at eye level.


Hi Linda, thank you for doing the fascinating research! It’s connection to Greek gods gives me an uneasy feeling though, I was hoping it was a bronze knocker skillfully crafted to honor a hero or a notable author or a famed (or especially loved) home owner . . When door knockers are shined and the door has been taken care of, it really is welcoming! So that’s what’s important, when guests come to visit :))


Hello (or Good morning tomorrow) Jerry and Cyndi, my apology for a slow reply, my Jigidi notifications are “messed up”, but they’re working on it. Thank you for the kind and interesting comments! Jerry, do you have a photo from Portland? I’m curious :) I assumed it’s a woman’s face because of the leaves in her hair, the headband and the feather adornments, but it sure looks like a man’s face :) Have a good start of the week!


" Goddess Lady "Door Knocker. Bacchus Dionysus Greek God of wine He was a man. It is also shown in Ireland.I hope it helps, as I found the info in many web sites. You are amazing. I have learned about so many cultures through just looking at your doors. Thank you Enjoy the evening. Linda


@Teagardener I'm with Cyndi on the blue! I think the face is a generic "classic" one. It is similar to the cast iron ones that are seen in multiples in pillar capitals on buildings in Portland, Oregon.


What a beautiful door knocker. Looks great against the dark blue door...Cyndi

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