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Kenya, East Africa

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Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we are in Kenya in East Africa, and we imagine standing at the photographer's spot - taking in the sight and feel of these beautiful surroundings.

That red soil

Red soil is a widely distributed (and visually captivating) soil type characterized by its rich color derived from a high iron oxide content. It thrives in regions with a semi-arid to arid climate. It can be found in various corners of the world, including India, Australia, the United States (particularly in southeastern states like Georgia and Alabama), Brazil, China, and numerous other regions.

The red soil offers excellent drainage. Although red soil's coarse texture makes it susceptible to erosion and rapid drying during droughts, farmers combat these challenges by implementing soil conservation practices such as terracing and irrigation.

Would you like to spend some of your Monday visiting Kenya? Come along! ♥
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  1. mvt3:39
  2. jmd273:49
  3. JG5464:49
  4. kaibreuck5:03
  5. meka5:20
  6. karensb5:24
  7. Piskulka5:45
  8. Anidalai5:59
  9. tom_kuehn6:06
  10. artoooooria6:15


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Thank you @jigidipuzzles




Wow . . . Kenya, one of my favorite places in this world. Probably be there in October again. Thanks for the puzzle!


Thank you for this scene. 6=5=23

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