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Honeybee headed for Rock Purslane flower in my new back yard, San Marcos, California

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  1. Teagardener0:38
  2. alansnell0:44
  3. cado0:45
  4. Ginni20:57
  5. lynconk0:57
  6. bluebird421:02
  7. goldwing271:03
  8. JGalt1:04
  9. CarolM771:04
  10. WPGP1:04


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Thanks, Wendy!

Congratulations on your new home, Ginni! I wish you much happiness and lots of great new things to shoot, lol.


Congrats on yours too, Don! I don't know how much wildlife I'll have, but it will be more than I see from my condo, which is over the garages and doesn't even have a balcony. I'll miss being able to walk to the river, but I will love being able to sit in my patio and next year I should have many more flowering plants. I have bees on the rock purslane and lots on a good-sized rosemary plant, as well as some on small flowering trees. And there is a dove nesting in the corner of the patio.


Congrats on your new place. I just got the seller's documents back, and am waiting for a closing date. Like you, I'll start by doing some mods and starting moving stuff. I've tentatively allowed a month before the final moving in. I too have a patio in the new place; I'm hoping it's a lot quieter than here, but fear I'll have a lot less wildlife in the back yard.


Thanks, Tea!


I’m so happy for you Ginni !!
That’s great news🏡😁


The actual move hasn't happened yet, canoekaw, but escrow closed and it's mine. I've been going up to the new house to paint the garage and do some other things first, but sitting in the patio is the best part of the time there.


She might just look longer because of the angle of the shot, Jacki, but I'm sure we have different kinds of bees and I don't know the difference.


I missed the move. I hope the kitties are OK with their new palace.


WOW! He looks to me more like a cross between our yellowjackets and a honey bee. Never noticed one with his body so stretched out as this. Another great shot, Ginni. Thanks

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