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As familiar as you may be with the unmistakeable "crown of palaces", nothing can quite compare to seeing the world’s most famous mausoleum with your own eyes. The Taj Mahal is still one of the most spectacular buildings on offer anywhere in the world, drawing millions of visitors each year.
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  1. Toto442:37
  2. JUNKMAN2:39
  3. alkmini2:43
  4. jansil3:07
  5. pedro11113:08
  6. karlos2025303:13
  7. mattsnider3:15
  8. cinniss3:15
  9. wizardjt3:18
  10. jan41363:27


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Hi Judith, saw your puzzle which bought back memories of a wonderful love story that I read as a child in my Fathers encyclopedias when I was a child. I have since been there many years ago to satisfy my curiosity, it exceeded all my expectations. My wife and I arrived at 7am in the morning and left when it was dark. The moon was out that night and there was a clear sky, that day and the Taj turned pink in colour in the evening. As Annetta said it is still unforgettable. Thank you for the puzzle.


I have never seen it, but I hear stores such as yours Annetta


When I saw this mausoleum at first, I was crying of emotion! The story and the building: it is unforgettable.

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