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Our big snow of 2015

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Taken from my deck.


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Oh, Annie, I am so sorry I am just now finding this message from you. We didn't have a blizzard and I can't remember right off but we probably did not get any SNOW either. I don't remember getting any in January -- it is a RARE thing for us to get snow. Sorry you were worried about me but thanks for the sweet thoughts, my friend. I'm sure we probably talked about this on some of the puzzles but I hate that it has taken me so long to find it. Hugs!!! The picture above of the big snow was in 2015 and I think that was the last time it snowed here.


Oh Donna! I hear that there is going to be a big storm coming to the South. This is crazy weather. I'm praying for you that it won't hit your area. It sounds like a first time blizzard for the southern states since who knows when. Please keep me posted. Now I'm worried about you.


What fun, Donna! We played in the snow like little kids, too! Ha! I remember it didn't last long for us...a couple of days maybe.


Hi Dottie. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my "snow" puzzle. I also remember the 1993 blizzard/snow. (ha) We also had a ball during that time and we never lost power so that was a big plus. We had snowball fights in the yard with nieces, nephews and friends. We also got out in a truck and rode up the road with some of us in the back of the truck. My son had a couple of friends come by and we went to my brother's house several miles down the road in a Jeep and picked up my niece to spend the night. On the way back, we got stuck just a little way up the road from our house and my niece and I "walked" back to our house in the snow and it was such fun. We played games in the house and someone made Spaghetti for supper. We had so much fun. It sounds as if you had lots of fun too. Those are memories we will never forget. Beautiful and fond memories. :)) Good to see you.


Love this puzzle! I remember the big snow of 1993! We were snowed in way down here in south Alabama! It was very exciting and my little grandson and I had fun sledding down a big hill on the golf course behind my house. Thank you for the picture and fond memory, Donna!


Thanks, Jason, for clearing that up. I knew your "user name" was jasonchung but was just wondering if it was a "cover" for your real name, but I see that it is your real name so, it is nice to meet you, Jason, since I feel that I know you already. :)))


My username is jasonchung (Jason Chung). Jigidiers call me Jason.


Thank you, Margaret, for telling me that the "real" John Sloane is still alive. Wow, that is great. It is good that he is still painting and that he loves to paint "red barns." :))) I guess I did look up the wrong one but the details on the one I looked up matched the paintings I had seen posted. :)) Good to hear from you and I'm so glad you enjoyed my picture of the snow we had last year. It was a surprise for us and beautiful to see. Hugs back to you, my friend.

Hi, Annie. So glad you dropped by to see our snow from last year. Yes, it WAS a good amount for us here in Alabama, and a RARE thing to happen. :)) You are right, it doesn't last very long. Thanks for your comments, my friend. Hugs!!

Yes, Jason, it was wonderful to see and quite pleasing to experience it. Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comments. I am a little curious -- are you a woman or a man? :)) Everyone calls you Jason but I'm wondering if you have another name and are just using Jason to be anonymous.
(ha) Good to see you today.


Thank you Donna for sharing this photo. It must have been a wonderful and precious moment to experience a rare occasion of snowfall.


That's a good amount for Alabama. Good thing is that it doesn't accumulate and melts faster than what we get. Nice pic....


Hi again Donna! I will be posting the picture of John Sloanes 2017 calendar under madj2 not madj. I hope that you have a wonderful day! Hugs, Margaret


Hi Donna! We too have had a lot of snow this year which is rather unusual for us of late. We haven`t had more than a skim of snow for several years now. Tomorrow I will be posting a picture of John Sloanes 2017 calendar just to show you that he is still alive. The John Sloane you read about was a different John Sloane which will make you pleased to hear. Guess what John Sloanes favorite thing to paint - red barns! So you have something in common with him ☺


Thanks, Marian. It was so much fun to see this snowfall. I just wished at the time I was able to go out and walk around in it and maybe have a snowball fight or two. (ha) Thanks for your nice comments about the picture.
Teresa, a nice cup of hot chocolate would have tasted good at that time (and now). (ha) Thank you for checking out my picture too and hugs back to ya. :))


This is very lovely! Another beautiful winter scene, my friend! Thank you for sharing them with us! I agree with what Marian said, it is so calm and peaceful looking! I would love to be there having some delicious hot chocolate! Mmm yummy! :-))) Big hugs!!

)) ))
(( ((


Woopee Donna, what a wonderful snowfall - so calm and peaceful looking - shovelling will not be much fun but the scene is wonderful..thanks for posting this.... :)


I live in Alabama (USA) and we just don't have snows like this. :)) I think the last really big snow we had was in 1993. So, this was a big deal to us. :)))