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Candy (b)

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DaisyBella1's gift box
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They will be gone boy then Hermit:-)))

Thanks DB.

@Ianto Happy 4th Jolene

I will send my kids to your home for halloween with delicious treats like that!

Great that You cam get them Globe:-)))

Have one Mini


Yes we have aero, mars bars and smarties from your other picture. Enoy Jolene and happy 4th July


I like yankiebar tooooo 🍫

I have always wanted the try Aero, I'm sure that there is sometime similar where you live.

Not all foods are to every ones taste,

Most of it is junk food, and not good for you anyway.
But the condiments can be used. At least people can try new things.

Thanks Nev,


Jolene, I have just (accidentally) come across this article and thought it may be of interest to you:

"Shoppers are rushing to Aldi Australia to get their hands on a stash of American chocolate, lollies, snacks and sauces.
The German-owned supermarket chain released the selection across stores last week in the 'Special Buys' middle aisle.
Maraya, who runs the 'Stuff Mums Like' website, stumbled across the snacks and posted a series of images on Facebook.
'It's American food week at Aldi! So many fun treats to try. It would be so fun to do an American treat night with your kids so they can try stuff they've only seen in books and on TV,' she wrote.
'I got some Hershey's kisses to use with the elves (some forward planning).'
Customers can buy Reese's, Twinkies, Pop Tarts, Jelly Belly lollies, Twizzlers, Butterfinger chocolate bars, Baby Ruth chocolate bars, Hershey's Cookies n Creme chocolate and pretzels, Junior Caramels, Milk Duds, and a Smores Kit.
There's also a variety of condiments on offer, including Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Stubb's Smokey Mesquite BBQ Sauce, French's Classic Yellow Mustard, and Frank's Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce.
Many were thrilled by the latest offering and were eager to visit their local Aldi to grab the treats.
'Need to go to Aldi tomorrow,' one wrote.
'I need to buy some Twinkies, they were always advertised in comics when I was a kid and I have always wanted to try one,' another said.
'Thank you for posting! This very quickly satisfied the request from my youngest son for s'mores for camping next week,' a third added.
But others weren't as enthusiastic because they aren't fans of American snacks.
'Oh Lordy, that Hershey chocolate is so nasty, not even edible in my honest opinion. Haigh's for the win,' one said.
Another claimed The Reject Shop sells US snacks all year round."


Yes, Mars is a favourite, and I enjoy Aero (Mint) too but like Mike, we don't have Caramilk here in Oz either. ♥♥♥

That they are,

I have started on the Caramilk. Just two squares a day.


Great treats!!!

Great that you still have two.


We have Mars and Aero, but Caramilk is a new one on me.

I will,

Enjoy them all.

Thanks for the box DB


Yes it does:-))))

Adventure awaits in Canada, eh?

I agree, yum.


Generous sampler from Canada!

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