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May the 4th Be With You....

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I watched the old original movie on the 4th. It was a great day. Love Baby Yoda! The Force and 4th be with you. grins!☺


Well its the fifth today so I'll just take the Amendment thank you. (✿´‿`)


No idea, I'm sorry.

Baby Yoda is cute, I loved the little gremlins too.

When I was breeding JR's there was at least one puppy in each litter that looked like a gremlin :))


That's aboat right, Hismorts.


ParsonWayne, If four jars go under would it be called "Quatro Sinko?"


I almost missed it too, thanks Jeri!

That was bad PW.


Tomorrow, we will be remembering when a boatload of salad dressing sunk in the Atlantic on its way to 'Merica. It is better known as Cinco De Mayo.


The line from the movie: May the force be with you.

Today is May, the fourth. A good day to celebrate the Star Wars movies every year. :-)

tbs is showing the first six.

last count there were 11 "Star Wars" movies, if you count Rogue One & Solo. here in the USA, Disney+, an online streaming service, has them all.

I did my version of binge watching ... I watched 1 a night, in order, for 2 weeks. the movies took 40 years to make. the "young" stars of the first, come back to play themselves in the last 3 movies, making one very entertaining story that goes through generations


thanks jeri........what a cutie this little dude is......I too never saw any of the movies......but there was a lot of hype here when they came......and I hope you have a special day jeri..........(thanks


Sorry, I have never seen a "Star Wars" movie, but the little fella looks a cutie. I hope he is a goodie.



Star Wars Jumble. The line is "May the force be with you."
It is a play on words. It is just some silliness in the US.


I have no idea, what this is about, but Thank you for the Tag Jeri.


How can anyone not love Baby Yoda!
Dusty : )


Love it !!

may the fourth be with you ... always 😊


Jeri Birthday soon . I will not tell . Thee Hee, I will not forget either.


I’m such a space cadet. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would have missed Star Wars Day.
Happy Star Wars Day Jeri! :-)

Baby Yoda, so cute.



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