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The Drifters / White Christmas (audio link below)

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I enjoy posting this same puzzle every year. Enjoy!
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  2. jvsofield0:11
  3. CeeJay210:12
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He's great!


You're very welcome @Bill_I_Am

I especially appreciate--in these times of 'monetizing' everything--that the producer (Joshua Held) encourages people to share it.


Max, this is my favorite, favorite Christmas card and song. I have emailed it to family and friends for more years than I can remember. And I have also posted it as a puzzle. Thank you!


It fits!!! :O)


Oh, Max!
It would not be Christmas if you didn't share this special gift with us!
Thank you so much!
I love it!


I, too, love this and love the video. Merry Christmas to you as well.


Glad you enjoyed it, @CeeJay21


Love it and love the video! Merry Christmas! ♥


Bill was fabulous all his life. I wish I could remember the name of the guy who did the falsetto. All I remember is that he's Australian.


The 'falsetto' guy did a remarkable job on that live version. And Bill Pinckney (who was the last surviving orginal Drifter) still 'had it'.


In case anybody wants to watch the Drifters doing this live (but later in life and after Clyde McPhatter passed away)..... but with the adorable Bill Pinckney still singing Santa's part:


Yep--I think there are probably several of us posting it, Surreal_Heidi. Great minds and all that, lol.


I posted this one last year, as well. It's become my favorite Christmas song.


Yes...Elvis did yet another great 'cover' of this song!

Elvis did it too in the same style as the Drifters. He recorded many Drifters' songs.


Indeed. This is my favorite 'non-traditional' Christmas song.


Well done.


Ha! Four years in a row.


It works for me too. Thanks.

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