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Rainbow Lorikeet & Noisy Miner in the afternoon sun - sharing the feed.
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  1. marunka2770:10
  2. jigidi1230:11
  3. warbler0:12
  4. nessham0:13
  5. loveydear0:13
  6. PLG19580:14
  7. snooker0:15
  8. claesje0:15
  9. pumpkinhead0:17
  10. lyndee0:17


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I just checked jeaneth - it's on page 9 of my past puzzle and I posted it on 10th December - hope that helps you find it!! Cheers...Rob.


Hi jeaneth - I posted a pic of a Galah, but it was way back around last Christmas!! Janet (jan42ful) has a good photo of one from yesterday - I think:
She lives about 3 hours drive from me & regularly has them visit her feeder!! I hope you like hers!!!
Do you live in OZ? Thanks for commenting :)))


great pics of birds ...if you ever manage to get a good pic of a Galah post PLEASE ta muchly


:))) They don't mind sharing the food Shirley - but make lots of noise when a strange cat or bird appears:)) I like them though - they are like watch-dogs:))) Thanks!!


Unusual to see, Rob, a well behaved Noisy Miner, great photo though, Thank you.


Thanks Cathy - this was taken yesterday afternoon!!


Great picture Rob!!


Thanks Patti - we see them every day - so they're pretty common to us!!!


You post such cool birds! Thank you Robyn!


I think so Dave - they just seem to concentrate on the feed!! Thanks:)))


Do they get along better because they are all trying to get more than their share? Great photo, Robyn!! Nice light!


Thanks Janet, Jim, Barb, Nev, Lyndee, snooker, Florrie, Suzy and Ami - they very rarely squabble - and there are also Galahs & Crested Pigeons in the mix too....and Crows!!! If there is a squabble it's usually between junior & older Lorikeets:)))


You got a great shot of these!!!


Can they give lessons to our birds on how to share?

That miner is a strange looking bird. At least it seems to be non aggressive.


Nice shot Robyn. They're such interesting birds.


It is good that they do not fight but share the feeder :) Thank you Rob :)


Beautiful shot Rob , you have such a variety of beautiful birds in Oz. I see my dear friend Janet made a comment below me.


Great pic, Rob, of a moment at the feeder! Hugs, janet

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