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Horse's baby teeth

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Horses have baby teeth, too! And they shed them just like kids do.
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Thanks, Heidi!
Guess I just never paid attention to calves teeth! Now I can say that I learned something new today.
Dusty : )


Thanks for that interesting info, Heidi.


Yes, cattle have baby teeth, too. That's one way horse and cattle owners can tell the age of their animals. Once they get all of their adult teeth, there are indicators on the teeth, like Galvayne's Groove, that are used to tell age.
Elephants, on the other hand, keep replacing teeth throughout their lives.... kind of like sharks. When the front ones wear out and fall out, the teeth behind shift forward and a new one comes in in the back.


B_I_A thinks you may know about they have, and lose baby teeth?
It's ok to laugh!
Dusty : )


I bet @Surreal_Heidi knows.


You're welcome, Dusty.
I know less than nothing about calves, but maybe someone can enlighten us about their teeth.


I had no idea that horses lost their baby teeth! I know that I never found any teeth from our calves, and we had lots of calves! (Maybe I just wasn't looking, huh?)
Thanks for putting this up for us.
Dusty : )

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