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Oh no Jimmy, don't hurt me, please!

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Sometime Jimmy attacks Gismo without any reason...
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  1. babray4:01
  2. DeDonder4:38
  3. janinka125:13
  4. scbrown5:29
  5. jcat5:48
  6. lindaleigh6:34
  7. zhaba476:40
  8. rhjrgj6:55
  9. cbmuller7:39
  10. Lowmil9:48


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You just have to show him who's Number One cat around here eh?
Be kind Jimmy and be friends with Gismo.


Oh dear, Jimmy, you have really frightened Gismo. I never thought I would see you two boys like this. It does make me a little bit sad.


Perhaps a little too much to be considered a love tap!

The little ears pulled back are so cute .


Old grumpy boots today are you Jimmy Bro? ....Gismo can't help what the weather is like so leave him alone....please!!!

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