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July 27 2021

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these fabrics by organic cotton plus. some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. Meganrene01212:28
  2. kathy5513:31
  3. karjen13:33
  4. mtols1313:33
  5. harryp13:43
  6. RiverSmiles13:48
  7. MarshaG6113:51
  8. Arabel14:39
  9. botmom1414:59
  10. ta_mosquito15:09


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well happy day "soon".....I wish I could go back to am now 76.....but luckily I don't feel any that is one good


i've got the big 6-0 coming up in a few months


oh me too....usually when I move I do it "all over again" I really like this place I am I think I won't be "redoing" again .....too old to


i would love to decorate rooms!


I love this one....I love the multicolour second in....and the big orange and the yellow on top....I just like it all over.....great choices can decorate my house any to do....robin

Beautiful colors in this one. Glad you’re out of the water. Thank you.


Beautiful puzzle, and good joke! Thank you.


they are certainly gorgeous riversmiles, so are the hearts of the women that weave them




Hi Toto, Thank you for getting off of your sinking iPod and getting a great puzzle to us! The "belts" in the hot pink square look just like the belts, hat bands, etc. that the Peruvian women weave on their belt looms. And they like to add the little tassels. I have had one on one of my hats and it hasn't faded for 45 years.

Thanks for adding the joke- I look forward to them daily!


forgot to add a joke today so .. I changed my iPod's name to Titanic. It's syncing now.

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