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An accident waiting to happen.

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  1. evielou0:10
  2. Dilubreuer0:10
  3. racoonstar0:12
  4. gaiagirl0:13
  5. Apiary320:13
  6. Robbos0:14
  7. PB6000:15
  8. MoreJunk0:15
  9. 3wishes0:15
  10. jyl0:15


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It's true, there are so many of these pictures where the rescue should have happened, not the stupid picture... Sherry

Busy taking pictures too, Pammi. To heck with their cat's safety. :)

TY, Mrgoodboy. :)

So funny .


..........and there I was, hanging on by my clawtips hoping for rescue before the whole kit and kaboodle crashed down on me and does anyone in this house care?????? No! cos they're glued to the telly watching the Bold and theBbeautiful. Bah!!! ☺☺☺☺

Probably a good idea. Think it could collapse at any time. :)


He seems very relaxed about it all, I was ready to run and catch him lol☺

Think he's sitting in some sort of basket attached to the cat tree but it sure looks like it could fall at any minute. Thanks for the discussion, everyone. :)


Can't quite see how he'll get out of there but I hope he succeeds when he's ready to evacuate.


Some activity centers have a hammock-type pouch. This cat seems comfy in his situation. Or maybe stuck? LOL!


The cat seems to be resting in some kind of attached bag, and looks like he feels secure. -- Carol


Or caught in a mid-air leap?

sorry, I must be going the cat in a bag hanging on the pipe...or just hanging on the pipe? ... Sherry :)))

Thank you, cappy. I enjoy hearing from you. :)

youngone, every day I look forward to doing your wonderful puzzle, because their always so good. enjoy the rest of the day.

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