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Cousin Bill in the Canadian Royal Air Force in a Harvard.

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My cousin Bill who passed away Saturday, 4 April 15, at age 79 . He was a retired Air Canada Captain. He's pictured here in a Harvard during training in the Canadian Royal Air Force in 1956.
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Thank you Jim for all the information and again
SORRY for your loss.


Again sorry for your loss my friend.♥

Já se ztotožňuji s tím, co napsala v komentáři Lunie

I agree with what she wrote in a comment Lunie


Too All . This is kind of strange. But the day Bill died I was over a friends house , Heidi's, I was putting a battery charger on her sons car, also I was looking for a mercury vapor bulb to put in a security light over her garage door. There were a couple of old pictures in the corner of her garage that I moved to see if the bulb was there. I ended up buying a new bulb . When I move the pictures one slipped out of my hand, fell and the glass broke . The picture was of Al Pacino from the movie "Scarface". On top of the picture were the words "Every Dog Has his Day"
The next day after I found out about Bills death, I called his older brother, my cousin John to offer my condolences. Cousin John is a tough man , doesn't show his emotions . I said I was shocked to hear about Bills death . Cousin John , Bills brother said to me "Every Dog Has his Day" It blew me away , I now think that was a sign from Bill saying he was OK.


Dill those are fine words , very comforting.


Cookie, That's interesting , Bills last name was Garland, maybe they knew each other.


Thanks BK , it was a shock to all of us as he kept himself fit.


Arthurbl, He flew out of Toronto Pearson International Airport. I'm not sure where this picture with the Harvard was taken . His mother , my aunt Mary, gave it to me many years ago.


Boston Jack , he's at peace now.


He could have a life well spent and fulfilled his mission while on earth. There could be no better life than resting at peace in eternity.


Jim, I am so sorry for your loss.
I too have a cousin who is a retired Air Canada Captain, his name is Duncan, he lives in Guelph ON.


So very sorry to hear this Jim.

Sorry for your great loss ,they still flew these planes just east of London ,Ontario,Canada

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