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A Panorama For Kate (Lying On A Blanket Somewhere In Kansas...) :oD

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  2. dragoon15:11
  3. whizzer15:28
  4. SusieVortex17:06
  5. littlebird17:34
  6. giml45620:13
  7. stacy12320:29
  8. sjltaylor21:01
  9. christomi7622:23
  10. jolafson23:54


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Hahaha JC...I forgot others might be reading my "cheesy" words!! All I can say is that it was almost 4am here, and I may have been delirious. (Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...!! ;oP )

And Kate, some of my favorite words are favorites because of the fun or delicious way they roll off the tongue. "Torpidity" is one of the fun ones. Usually when I speak it, I am met with blank stares. A dingy-little-thingy who I am quite fond of in spite of (or perhaps because of) her dinginess once cocked her head at me and asked, "Torpidity?? Is that, like, like a torpedo??", Precious. But when I told her it was like "sloth" she nodded her head vigorously and exclaimed, "Ohhhh!!! CID!!!" And it was my turn to stare blankly. Then I slowly nodded. Yes, Precious. Cid. Cid the Sloth. I can work with that... :oD

Needless to say, I am quite alone meself, and doing well with it!! LMBO


Oh, wait Susie, that's very helpful, I'll write that down - "sloth and torpidity are not cultural". Don't you just hate getting those things mixed up? I do love your choice of words - so perfect for the situation achieved yesterday - and "torpidity" is just fun to roll of the tongue.

Yep, looks are for looking (you can quote me on that) For my men, at the top of my list are: honesty, integrity, intelligence, compassion and competence - just next After, a quiet but keen sense of humor. I ended a relationship a few months ago and not rushing into another. I do well alone - but sometime I'll enjoy really good companionship again. I do enjoy "companionship" in a very full sense with a man who has the above attributes. And those attributes are actually the basis for all my Friendships (except part of the "companionship"). Have not run across the "cheese" thingy but it does sound as if it might have some benefits - cleanliness IS next to godliness and, with help, can be so delightful to achieve.

I think there was generalized shining with the "Red Shift Galaxies" - that You encouraged me to post in "universal" size? and JC so gallantly and with great good humor, stepped in to challenge. It was fun and I'm glad you made me do it ;-))) (*!*) OK, MADE is a stretch but you were the instigator - a lovely quality that is I might add. Thanks,- and tks again for the wondrous Milky Way. I thought I'd sleep some more before my list begins - don't know if that will happen. Off we go then, skipping and jumping and laughing and singing into Monday. (or crawling is a possibility too)


Remember, the men in tight pants are for sloth and torpidity, not culture LOL. In a real man I have 3 things I won't negotiate, and none of them have anything to do with his looks. 1) He must think I am, and treat me as if I am, a Goddess. 2) He must make me laugh me arse off because there is no sound he finds sweeter than the music of my laughter, and 3) He must NOT smell like cheese. Ok, ok, 3) is really that he must be kind, but if he is all those things AND smells like cheese, we will have issues. And I'll constantly have to be bathing that I think about it.... ;oP

Back to the Milky Way, I had this and was going to post it with the Auroras, but I never fit it in. Then I was going to post it when you did the Red Shift Galaxies, but that was your time to shine :o) So I'm glad I read your comments to JC about Kansas and the Milky Way, cause it reminded me to post this for you! Glad you appreciated it!

Hope the work week treats you good. Don't take no crap, and keep dreamin', Milady :o)


There's so much ambient light from cities now that you have to get way, way, way out to really see it anymore. As a child especially I remember it was such a big, bright, intriguing band across the sky. I appreciate your finding it and posting it.

Hope your favorite group or groups of men in tight pants running around today did the best job. They are fun to watch, but for a relatonship, it's funny isn't it that there are so many other qualities than phyical perfection that are so much more important.

Have a good night and off we go into another week.


Yaaa it is. I can't see it where I live, but I've seen it when camping in the canyons. I haven't seen it for about 15 years...I think it's time again...


It's very beautiful isn't it? No Red Shift galaxies; just the Milky Way and a Universe of stars/galaxies. Didn't make the board but wasn't too far off. Thanks Susie.

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