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Driving into town this morning ...

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  1. purpley5:09
  2. PLG19587:22
  3. morris1868:26
  4. DC348:36
  5. Jumble9:31
  6. aterg9:39
  8. 6rescues10:11
  9. pkin3812:33
  10. Stumpy14:09


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-30, How did I miss this Post!! Are U in the Starcraft? Ho Ho or on a snow machine??
Do you stay on the Lake all winter? Is the Ice gone, now? Have U had your shots??
Stay Safe, Morris. :)) FW


Just great to be out 4 wheeling


Hoodies!!! Bring on spring!!!!


Not quite. But, hoody weather!!


Shorts weather yet? ;)


We'll see tomorrow


Do you wear shorts at 15 degrees??? :)


Got up to 10 today. was outside in a short sleeved shirt


Stay warm, Morris.




Incredible! Well, it's supposed to warm up in the next couple of days here. I hope for you too.


Not sure why, Patti. -36 right now


Yikes, Morris! How are you so much colder than we are? Even right now we're only at minus 9 F.


Thanks, Rob! Heater works, was the only one on the road. Thanks for the concern.

Only one on the road, Izzy. Slowed down for photo. Actually a light snow year ....

Keep warm, E. It's supposed to break Wed, so they say

It's a dry cold, though, glo.

Your friends are correct, it is Winter. We have just been spoiled the last few years ...
I will take your advice and fill the tank. Thanks!!


You had also better fill you tank. In those extreme temps, you cannot afford to be without a full tank. Your life may defend on it.


My friends in Alberta have been holding steady at -39 in the day time for over several weeks now. Their reply when someone asks how they stand it, they tell them it's winter in Alberta, what do you expect?

Continued from above post: -30 degrees F on your speedometer.

I just noticed the


Just realised, you have heavy snow there. ☺


Yup, K. I had a couple of errands to run, but made darned certain I didn't go over 25.


Were you in a traffic jam, or a slow moving one Morris?

To me you appeared to be driving very slowly but then I noticed your speedometer indicated the speed as being miles per hour, not kilometers per hour. I do hope, looking at the temperature indicator, that your car's heater is working! Nice puzzle but keep in mind that it's not safe to take photos whilst driving a car!!! Cheers - Rob.

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