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Denver Mountains

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Oops! I meant letting us "go"! :)


Another wonderful scene! Like a lot of others, I'm not fast.....guess I just enjoy watching the image come together. Thank you, for setting us "go" to new places!

Hey puzzlergirl, speaking as one of the fast puzzlers here, I find that the total concentration is a meditation all on its own. I don't think words, there is no time for that, I just see the image, I'm inside the image, all its textures and gradients and shapes. So I think the high speed is how some of us get inside the image. It's a near-total focus. And it's funny, after doing so many thousands of puzzles on Jigidy, that when I find new pictures that appeal to me, I want to create them as a puzzle here to solve them, because that is how I get inside the image, just like you say. It makes me feel like I've really seen it.

I'm glad you get to explore like me. Don't mind the speed, the joy and beauty are the real purpose here :)

I think I have a totally different outlook on working these puzzles than others but I wonder if those who can do them so fast are thinking why we work them in the first place. I do them for the pleasure of it. To be in those mountains for a little while, even if I have never been there or to where ever that particular puzzle takes you. Take your time and enjoy where it takes you!

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