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Alarm Clock Cat

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  1. laurajane0:19
  2. stephen0:22
  3. JennyG660:22
  4. wjl10150:22
  5. Robbos0:22
  6. Bmex14400:23
  7. dartagnan0:24
  8. Carol660:24
  9. racoonstar0:25
  10. Deanna0:26


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I'm still trying to find out how to "set" mine for the time a prefer (ᵔᴥᵔ)


When Dusty licks, he really "cleans"....but a cat will "scour" you. (BOTH are GOOD!)
Dusty : )


Costajig, soooo true......nothing like the comfort of a cat purrrr. First forecast for COLD this evening (mid 30's only) and I am looking forward to my big bundle of purring fur in the bed with me! ;)

But, a dog can’t purr.


Yes, cat licks are dry and raspy and fortunately they do not make "slurpy" sounds like a happy dog!


Yes, but a lick from a cat is dry and raspy, while a lick from a dog requires a shower afterwards. :D


LOL Racoonstar! However, Payton will start to lick me if I resist his "dead on stare".


At least cats don't slobber on you!

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