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Welcome To #13

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  1. Hasli0:37
  2. Honi540:43
  3. Robbos0:44
  4. patten0:46
  5. CrazyCat500:47
  6. CelesteH0:49
  7. Dilubreuer0:53
  8. Deanna0:55
  9. HDIron0:56
  10. Shian20:56


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Thank you for your interests being explained to me, keep up the good work.
Cheers, Audrey☺

Hello Robbos1,
This is such a cool door and facade! The rich, earthy tones of the doors are gorgeous, as are the multi-colored bricks. The door panels are interesting with their different shapes and the quirky design pattern of the black and white uneven tiles are really eye-catching. Is it a bit odd that the address is #13? I was under the impression that houses are not usually given that number due to "Triskaidekaphobia" (the official name for fear and avoidance of 13). Maybe that's why the entryway's architecture is so funky, just to add interest to its address? Anyway.... I, too, like the colorful and/or unusual architecture of an entryway. If you follow Pinterest, check out my board called "Favorite Facades and Delightful Doors" where I have 350 pins depicting same. I think you'll enjoy looking at them.
Thanks for posting your doorway puzzles!
Take good care, stay safe and be well. Enjoy your evening! Audrey


Thank you, JuXE☺


Working wird, or wird house ? Nice stay s.a.f.e Robbos1 :))


Somewhat different style of entrance, Thanks Shirl☺


Thanks, Robbos, for this unique design at #13.


Thanks for the information re; designer/builder, Deanna☺


Rob, thank you for this special picture of unconventional door. A painter and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (incredible name) worked in Austria, mainly in Vienna. This door looks like his design ♥:))

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