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Trying to eat healthy :-)

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  2. popoko0:18
  3. Augur20210:21
  4. andie9830:22
  5. Sissel0:23
  6. alias2v0:24
  7. Junko0:25
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I think it would Alias :-)))

Sorry for asking, but would not "uncured bacon" be "meat"?


Thank you so much Heidi. This night I have been sleeping 7 ½ hours without wakening and I feel much better today. I think I got started with pencelin early this time (a week ago) so I hope it is over now, but will take care over the weekend. Many times It have been 2-3 weeks I know :-)))))


Pneumonia is NOT fun. And takes a long time to get over. Please do everything the doctors tell you to do, Sissel. I hope they caught it early and you recover faster than I did.
((( gentle hugs )))


Thanks Girlina. I am vaccinated and when I am able to go I will be tested :-)))
Things are getting better now

Sissel, did you get tested for covid by any chance? Pneumonia is one of its features. Hurry up and get better!!! ; ))))


Thanks Cazneaux :-))))


Good try Sissel!


Thank you so much Kay :-)))))


Sissel, glad to hear you finally have a break to take time for yourself. Good health is always a blessing and we often can make a big difference in that endeavor. I am learning that more and more as the years pass. Best wishes that the pneumonia finds its way out the door sooner than later. ;-))


Oh PW, that would be wonderful :-))))


I wish I could share some of the tomatoes I have in my garden. I picked 204 small "cherry" tomatoes one morning.


Thank you so much dear friends. A cold turning into pneumonia, because of all the things happening since last October. Just a hint from my body that it is time to take care of me for some weeks and let other things be till later :-)))
Normally I only eat tomatoes when I can grow them myself. That is the best tomatoes :-))))))))




Healthy, too!


Here's hoping you are well soon!! Thank goodness for penicillin! You probably overtired yourself with all that moving. Take care friend. I like a mug of hot water with a Tablespoon each of Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and Honey...delicious and so soothing!


I'm sorry to hear about your pneumonia. At least it's better than the other strain, oldmonia, or the usually fatal Califonia.

Get plenty of rest and get better fast!


hope your pneumonia goes away soon. throw a slice of tomato on that, and you'll have a great BLT.

Not good Sissel.


Thank you so much Laska, Nana, Jackie, Peasterberg, Hanne, Vips, Truck, Girlina, PW and Ianto.

When I am sick I just love bacon more than normal, and to get some food down with pencelin these days bacon is mixed with fruit, fresh carots, fresh peas in a strange way, but it works. I eat :-)))))

I am NOT pregnant just having pneumonia


Um, you need some dairy in your diet.Add half a pound of cheddar maybe.LOL


I'm with peasterberg, add some tomatoes and I'm good...a BLT without the bread :-))))
I have to eat uncured bacon with NO sugar and it is quite good!

My kind of salad, looks really good. Hugs !!!!!


Sissel, are you pregnant?

Throw in a tomato slice, and I could handle a salad like that; have to balance out the green.


Delicious - almost too much!! ♥♥♥


LOL, maybe I should try that☺☺☺


Mmm, looks good but if you remove that green bit you will cut down the calorie count.

So, this was your plate from yesterday, Sissel??? ; ))))


Could you cut back on so much lettuce, please?

Once a week,


Good morning Raaike and thanks so much :-))))


:-))))) Thanks so much Treker. Yesterday my meal was one packed of bacon, ½ peaches and 1 carrot (raw). That was what I wanted :-))))


Good tip for a healthy meal ! :-)))))) ♥


My Dietician daughter will FAINT when I show her this!! ;-)


Thank you so much Kay. I eat strange these days :-))))


LOL--good one, Sissel. ;-))

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