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96 pieces
70 solves
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Grocery List
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  1. robd7:03
  2. louieblouie7:17
  3. limpduck7:32
  4. marvir538:00
  5. wardo9:27
  6. Tharl10:40
  7. EllaMB10:53
  8. dudicat11:01
  9. JohnA31112:12
  10. icarus7712:52


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This is a perfect example of a person with dyslexia. A dyslexic person will usually spell phonetically. Dyslexia is an inherited language processing disorder characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, and by poor spelling and decoding abilities.
How do I know? I'm dyslexic and I screen and tutor children for dyslexia. :-)


U fergod da shugre!

Duh! Doritos. I should have realized that. Thank you.

Thank you for the giggles! I am such a bad speller myself that I could read all of the items on the list! LOL


PLEASE. Someone help me out. I figured out all but one: Deritoz. It will be one of those things that will bug me until I know what it is!!!!

Funny! I bet it took longer to make this up than spelling them correctly....


Ware did u find mi lizt?


Love this. Thanks for the laugh.

We all kill the English language when we're in a hurry!

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