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Underwater (Ocean) Cameras Looking For Sharks and Seaweed

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121 pieces
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  1. monza0066:41
  2. XPing8:49
  3. JYKelly9:15
  4. serenity9:18
  5. gag269:48
  6. dianole9:57
  7. tktjackson10:15
  8. jevd10:22
  9. moneyman12:05
  10. irispuzzle12:34


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Magda, the larger the puzzle, the less comments are made. It's a fact. And although 122 pieces isn't that large, it's a lot larger than a small puzzle. But you're also right that the sharks....and possibly the seaweed have prevented people from hanging around too long. You're remark wasn't stupid at all- it makes a lot of sense.

Mandy, you and Magda are both wrong as to what the cameras are doing. They're biding their time, wading in the water, not going up or down and longer.


How funny, that Magda thought the cameras were diving away.... I thought they were floating to the surface!! Maybe she was looking down on them and I was on the ocean bottom!!! Fun puzzle, thanks Wendy :~))


Well, Wendy, that is what you get, if you play with danger. Your sharks seem to have frightened away all your commentators. Yes,yes, I know, it is only 5 a.m. in USA, and your fans are still sleeping, but I could not resist my stupid remark! And it was nice to be one of the first, for once. It is a lovely puzzle, but for me quite difficult, the cameras kept diving, when I tried to catch them. Thanks Wendy.

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