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Kaleidos were made from designs by Francine (bookish), Jacki (bluebird42), Shirley (Shian2) and Sue (sue1). From top to bottom and left to right here's whose design was used for each:

Francine Jacki Jacki
Shirley Shirley Shirley
Sue Shirley Shirley

Thank you, friends.

I'M TAKING A BREAK FROM MAKING KALEIDOS. I can do a leftovers next Sunday and then I'll see. I shall be posting my own photographs on ringleader2.
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  1. felicityjigidi25:51
  2. MarshaG6131:08
  3. sdufrane31:40
  4. dhara32:07
  5. gringa4937:38
  6. peta5838:28
  7. eltring38:46
  8. deedoe12040:28
  9. rockbit41:47
  10. jen2flag52:25


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Thank you, Deb. Something strange has happened to Jigidi on my computer. My large monitor has died. I should have delivery of a new one tomorrow. Troy will come tomorrow evening to set it up. I'm using my laptop which is not functioning the same as with the other monitor. Jigidi opens on ringleader. I can solve and comment as usual but I don't see where I can post puzzles or change profiles to ringleader2. Anyone I asked yesterday said everything was the same for them. Seems that for a couple more days anyway I solve only.


You're welcome, Joke.


Thank you, Ardy! I'm missing you!


thank you Ardy

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