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Petey and Pal are Bestest Friends

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  1. DeDonder4:53
  2. amf6:02
  3. donlise6:06
  4. webpeggy6:19
  5. babray6:43
  6. ysvrouw7:22
  7. lindaleigh7:42
  8. lkershaw8:43
  9. kalenz8:43
  10. Buttercupsmama9:04


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This picture is a classic. I love the way each has his head on the other's tail. They just can't bear to be apart, can they? Great picture and I don't know how I missed it until now. ♥☺♥


They do indeed make me happy!


i get the impression they are soul mates. Contentment at its best.
happy kitties create happiness energy for the whole family!

What a clever pose these two have struck!

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