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The Cordyline's are flowering..

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Taken yesterday in the garden.
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My pleasure Ami - thanks!!


I've never seen these either ( I don't think ), thanks for posting this image Robyn!


Thanks Shirley - so I take it that they're a coastal-only plant! What a shame!

The leaves are really pretty Laura - and the flowers are tiny!! Thanks!

Then I'm pleased to introduce you to them Cathy :))) Thanks!!!


They are new to me too! Thanks for showing them to us. : )


I have never even heard of Cordyline! What a rare treat!


I've tried Cordyline's, but the frosts gets to them here, given up on them now, I never got to see the flowers so Thanks for this Rob.


Yes - The frost would do that Nev! We're lucky we never get a frost here - our minimum temps never go lower than about 7C or 8C in winter :)))) Thanks!!!


These are Toyomi's but my dark red one is just starting to flower too Janet! Toyomi told me you can grow them by chopping up the stems & planting them! I don't mind that you told Barb about them - I've been late in the day getting on Jigidi lately...Thanks:))))

This is the best way to learn Barb :)))) I'm pleased you like them too!!! Thanks!!

It's a tropical plant snooker - we grow them outside in the garden, but I think in the colder climates they're an indoor plant!! Thanks!!

Thanks Floyd - I think your climate may be a little too cold for them:)))

Thanks Gracie!!

Thanks Beekay - they might only be an indoor plant in your climate too!!


So very interesting to see. Thank you Robyn!


Beautiful Rob, never seen one before!


I have never heard of these plants either. Neat little flowers.
Thanks Rob.

Never heard of this one - certainly different.


A very upright single woody stem Barb, with beautiful coloured leaves. Then the stems multiply. Many different coloured leaf ones. They grow easily from chopping down the stem and growing the bits. Hugs, janet.
Rob, I hope you don't mind me popping there.


I don't know this plant so I googled. Well, I got a plant from agave family, called a false dracaena. So much for learning through google....LOL I like this plant and the little flowers, Rob :) It looks like it is a bush?


Yes, mine are too Rob. I must get pic as one of mine is the most gorgeous shade of pink. I tried growing the seeds (berries) from these but no luck. hugs, janet

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