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My daughter and hubbie and dog Bobbie on the beach (with me) in Rockanje

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And good for your frame of mind.


You are right Ianto!

That is a good thing.

At least you and Bambi get to go away, Even if you have to stay 6 feet away.


Gogogo: This couple is so positive of mind, which makes me even more proud of them!!

Firstdawn: I have. Of course there are days with bad weather, and camping alone is not always fun, ( and Corona measures still to be held), but after more than a year in/near home, it gives great freedom.

Ianto: Absolutely right.

Everyone is having fun.


Camping? Sounds like a great vacation. Looks like you're having a great time.


Everybody looks happy! Thanks for sharing this family photo, Lia! ☀️♥︎☺︎♥︎☀️


debbd: I camp near this beach (Rockanje, Holland) since a month. And am camping in total 3 months now, always near the coast.
Bobbie really is a 'water dog'!!

Alias: Thank you. They are wonderful, they really are!!

Mrabelle: Indeed, indeed!!

Sharon: I was so happy they camped near me!! She is such a lovely, wise and positive person. That is what makes me so proud of her. And... has a lovely husband and a good marriage. That makes me happy.


How nice they could visit with you for a while. She has a lovely smile.

I suppose Bobbie was a fish in a previous life.

Nice to meet your daughter, s.i.l. and dog. :)


Is that a beach at home are you traveling again?...and I love how the dog is sitting in the water. ;#)

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