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Smeaton_dovetailing for a lighthouse

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Plan showing dovetailing for a lighthouse stonework.
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  3. Coffee1:12:54
  4. arianus1:36:25
  5. Budrox1:48:17
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Dove tailing is cutting a shape in one piece (of wood, stone, or other materials) and a matching shape in another material. The shape cut resembles the tail feathers of a dove (such as \ /) with the top and bottom connected. Check our the ends of furniture drawers that have dove tails cut into the sides and front and back. Check out dovetail on wikipedia for more information. When the pieces are joined together, there is a mechanical interference--due to the way the angles are cut--that prevents the pieces from coming apart.

This was challenging but not hard at all! Nice Puzzle! So...what is dove tailing?


Great challenge, and very informative after doing Tugman's lighthouse jigs. Thanks for posting! :-))

Marvellous picture. I cannot wait to solve it to have a better look. Thank you.

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